Usagi Drop Episode 4 Impressions (With Pictures!)

Hello there, Comrades! Welcome back for another one of my impressions of the anime adaptation of Usagi Drop. We’re already on episode 4 of this 11 episode half season, and things have moved along nicely. But does this episode once again maintain the quality of the manga? Read on to find out!

(Note: Very mild spoilers ahead. Will not take away from your enjoyment of the episode or the manga. This is all my opinion.)

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Usagi Drop Episode 3 Impressions + Screen Comparisons

The 3rd episode Usagi Drop‘s anime adaptation has aired, and it’s time once again to give you a short analysis of the episode, how it measures up with the manga, and my overall thoughts. Is it once again a job well done? Or does it fall short? Let’s get started, shall we?

(Note: Beware of light spoilers. Nothing too critical, though.)

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Usagi Drop: Final Impression (Spoilers!)

Well, it’s over. Unita Yumi’s tale of a 30-year old man who took in his grandfather’s illegitimate daughter as his own has had it’s last chapter (56) translated into English. My favorite manga is over T-T

And I must say, what an amazing, amazing manga.

(This is my overall view of the manga. It will not be a review. Spoilers are present. You have been warned. Pictures are NOT mine. This is all MY opinion. If you disagree, by all means do. Just show some respect.)

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Usagi Drop Episode 2 Impressions + Screen Comparisons

It’s here! Episode 2 of Usagi Drop released a few days ago, and I’m back to give my take on it. Did Production I.G continue the quality they displayed in the first episode? Let’s find out, shall we?

(WARNING: Screens pertaining to the episode and chapters from the manga will be present. If you have not seen the episode or read the manga and do not wish to come across very light spoilers, do not read any further.)

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Usagi Drop Episode 1: First Impression

Usagi Drop is one of my favorite Manga. It struck a cord that no other Manga up to this point has before. So when I heard there was an Anime, I was skeptical. Could Production I.G turn one of my all-time favorite series into an Anime and do it justice? It’s literally been minutes since I’ve watched the first episode (as of the time I am writing this), so if you’d like to hear my take, read on. This is my first impression of Usagi Drop Episode 1.

(WARNING: Very slight spoilers will be dropped as necessary to explain things. Nothing major, though. In addition, I will not be following my normal formatting exactly, as this is not a full review, just an impression. )

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Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai: My Thoughts

In anime, we often see that brother and sister characters often have a very close relationship, usually one of an older brother and younger sister. That older brother is protective of the younger sister, and will go to great length to do anything to help her out, further strengthening the bond. But what happens if that bond is so far gone that you haven’t so much as exchanged greetings in years? What’s more, what happens when you come to find that all this time, that your overachieving, perfect sister has been hiding the fact that she is an all-out Eroge, Anime and Manga Otaku?

a) I’d condone her for being a disgusting Otaku!
b) It’d turn me on! Siscon FTW!
c) I’d help her in any way I could.

If you chose “C”, then you’re on your way to the true route. If not, reload your last save.

Will this Anime trigger any flags or should you go straight to the bad end? This is my review of Ore no Imouto ga Konna ni Kawaii Wake ga Nai.

 (Note: This review will be as spoiler-free as possible, and will contain Anime and Visual Novel-related terms. If you aren’t in the know, I’ll explain them. This is all only my opinion.)

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Photowalk: Little Tokyo

On Saturday, a friend and I were able to take a trip Little Tokyo in Los Angeles, CA. For the uninitiated, Little Tokyo is a district in which many Japanese-Americans frequent. As such, there are many shops and restaurants catering to their needs. It is considered a national landmark and a popular cultural attraction. If you’ve never been, consider this photo walk a little guide. (All photos taken with my trusty Nikon D3100 with the 18-55mm Kit Lens and CPL lens filter. And messed up by the JPEG conversion.)

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