Anime Expo 2012 (+ Loot)

Another Anime Expo has come and gone for me. It was once again a complete blast (Aside from the fact that The X-Games were taking place at the same time in the same place), although I only went for Days 2 and 3 and didn`t take as many pictures as I usually do. Regardless, I thought I`d quickly share with you what I did take, as well as the loot I acquired.


I arrived later than I usually do, and the line for tickets was fairly long. One big difference was the efficiency at which people got their badges, so the line moved quickly.


The crowds in the LACC once again bring that familiar convention feeling.


Danny Choo`s mascot character Mirai Suenaga in Itasha form that were on display in the South Hall lobby. For those of you not in the know, Itasha refers to the act of decorating your car with various decals of Anime or Manga characters. If memory serves, the literal translation of Itasha is “Painful car”.


I decided it was time to go line up for the Exhibit Hall.


The line had stretched to the loading area of the convention center. It seems other people are in the market for loot.


Saturday is always the busiest day, and the Exhibit Hall definitely showed that. Walking around proved very difficult.


Stocking Cosplay at the Funimation booth.


Sitting outside in line for LiSA`s autograph session, hoping to get her to sign her CD I had bought. The hopes of getting an autograph and going to her concert were the only two reasons I had gotten a 2-day pass instead of just an Exhibit Hall ticket.


The line I`m standing it was the secondary line, in which we were to wait until the first line had finished going through. LiSA was only to be there from 1pm to 2pm, and by the time we had started moving, it was already around 140pm. My hope was dwindling.


At this point it was 155pm. I could see her. My heart was pounding.


157pm. One more person and then it was me. I lucked out and was able to get a last minute autograph in! The picture of the CD will be in the loot.


Back in the Exhibit Hall with more cosplayers.


An Eggplant… thing. Not sure what it was.


This R2 unit was fully functional and radio-controlled. Very cool.


At Danny Choo`s panel now.


As always, there are loads of beautiful dolfies sitting up front that belong to both Danny and users on his website.


Sadly I had to leave early in order to catch the train back to my house.


Day 3 in the Exhibit Hall. It was far less crowded than the day before, but it was still hard to walk around at times.


The reason I wanted to come to AX as a general attendee this year: LiSA`s concert. It was truly amazing. Her energy and charisma was everything I had hoped it would be and more, and by the time the final song was around, the generally quiet crowd was wild. I eagerly await her return to the states.


Some nice Portal 2 cosplay.


Had to leave a bit early to catch the train home sadly.


The loot I snagged this year. It wasn`t much, but I was satisfied.


The AnoHana premium box set that was sold at AX early. It`s the complete series that includes Bluray and DVD, along with a nice artbook.


Volumes 2,3, and 4 of Usagi Drop, my favorite manga.


My ticket from the LiSA concert, along with my glowsticks. Such an amazing concert.


LiSA`s latest CD, Lover “S” Mile. Inside is the reason I consider it my most prized possession.


The contents of the album, along with LiSA`s signature.


For folk who can`t read Japanese, it says “Thank you”.


Menma nendoroid from AnoHana.


A pencil holder in the style of Jinta`s shirt from AnoHana.


Hatsune Miku Nendoroid I picked up. The eyes sold me.


I preordered the Usagi Drop anime as well. Importing the Bluray from Japan would be far too expensive, so this option was the next best thing.


Something non-anime related: Monster Hunter Portable 3rd HD Version and an 5000 yen Japanese PSN card.


NIS America swag.


And that`s all I have. Anime Expo 2012 was a blast, and I can`t wait to return next year. Though, hopefully The X-Games won`t be held at the exact same time again.

Thanks for reading! Until next time!



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