Usagi Drop Episode 6: Impressions (With Pictures!)

It’s that time of the week again! Usagi Drop episode 6 is here, and for those of you who have been following my blog, you know what that means. This week it’s about trees, cereal, and Rin. You can never have too much Rin.

So, does it hold up to the manga once again? Or does it fall short? Read on to find out!

(Disclaimer: This is simply my opinion. Mild spoilers are ahead, as usual.)

Episode 6 thoroughly covers chapters 13 and 14 of the manga. It’s not covered in order, and plot points are moved around, but it still feels natural. The story and what needs to come across are intact.


There are few small events in the anime that do not take place in the manga, and for the most part these feel like fillers. Once part I did not find particularly interesting is a part involving Kouki.


This part is mainly to depict Kouki’s personality to the audience and show the contrast between he and Rin. Kouki acts very much how a real boy his age would act, and Rin, being quite mature for her age, finds his behavior to be inappropriate. I think it was a great idea to give Kouki more screen time and show his character, but I felt the scene was out of place. Other than that, the episode is still very close to the manga.


As I mentioned earlier, this episode revolves around trees. While that may not sound very exciting, it actually tells quite a bit about Rin’s connection to Daikichi’s family, particularly Daikichi himself.


Daikichi is once again forced to interact with Masako. This time, he needs her help finding out about a particular tree that was planted by his grandfather. What that tree is and what it means is heartwarming once you find out the significance of it.


Speaking of heartwarming, Rin and Daikichi’s interactions still poke at the parent in all of us. They act like how a father and daughter would normally act, with something more in the mix.


What is that something? It’s Rin. I keep mentioning the fact that Rin’s maturity is evident despite her young age, that plays into the relationship she has with her guardian. Rin scolds him for things like having his elbows on the table or being rash, which is pretty hilarious.


Aside from that maturity, Rin is still cute as cute can be. It’s seriously making me want to name my future child Rin. Production I.G have done so well in their adaptation of the characters, art, and the manga as a whole, so I hope it continues until the very end.


Art remains great as usual. The colors are vibrant, the characters look sharp, and everything overall is pleasing to the eye. The music is used quite well in this episode, accentuating key scenes with appropriately touching music. Very, very well done.


Staying true to the manga its based on, Usagi Drop remains great as usual in its 6th episode. I had a small problem with the filler parts, but that doesn’t make the episode bad. In fact, you may even enjoy them. With a great story, great art, and music, it’s a complete package (at least thus far). I The next episode can’t come soon enough. Come back next week for episode 7!


As usual, here are the comparisons to the manga, for your entertainment.














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