Usagi Drop Episode 5 Impressions + Comparison (with pictures!)

Usagi Drop‘s 5th episode of the anime adaptation is upon us! For those who have been following the series since the beginning or have been readers of the manga, this week’s episode has Daikichi meet with a certain person. Who is that person? Does the anime continue to hold true to the manga? Read on to find out!

(Note: This is all my opinion. Light spoilers as usual. You have been warned.)

This episode mainly covers the parts of chapter 10 that weren’t covered in the last episode, and chapters 11 and 12. Little things such as Rin receiving a cooking knife from a few chapters back finally surface in the anime. The amount covered in this episode is far less than the previous episodes, so the pacing appears to be slowing down. I’ve already said that I’ve given up on the anime covering the manga in its entirety, so the slowing pace doesn’t bother me.


With a slowing pace comes greater focus and finer detail. One large focus in this episode is Rin’s growth in maturity. We see how much more Rin has progressed since she has been with Daikichi, even assisting in making breakfast for the two of them. I don’t know about you, but I wasn’t this together at that age.



Rin’s also become less shy around adults. Slowly, but surely, she’s coming out of her shell and I again compare it to the perspective of a parent. It’s an indescribable feeling to see a child you’ve raised go from clinging to you for everything to becoming social and responsible. She may not be incredibly realistic, but she has some depth to her.


The greatest focus of this episode lies in Daikichi’s meeting with Rin’s mother. All of Daikichi’s animosity towards her for leaving Rin is either strengthened or weakened during this meeting.


Masako’s introduction is very faithful to the manga (comparisons below), as well as her character. I didn’t expect any changes in character, but it’s still nice to see that everything continues to be consistent.


The majority of the episode revolves around this meeting, as Daikichi informs Masako how Rin has been doing, asks why Masako left Rin, and how Masako feels about Rin. Masako’s actions and words tell Daikichi everything he needs to know, and makes his decision on what to do with Rin. What that decision consists of is something you’ll find out when you watch the episode.


Daikichi’s progress as a parent to Rin shines in this episode, showing how far he is willing to go for her sake, even though he hasn’t even known her for that long. He also doesn’t undermine Rin, and treats her with great respect, allowing her to make some important decisions for herself, something that we as children rarely get.


Rin’s relationship with Daikichi has also strengthened. They continue to eat, sleep, cook, brush their teeth, and bathe together. In Japanese culture, its common for children to take baths with their parents or immediate family. The screenshot above indicates their closeness.


As mentioned earlier, Rin receives a cooking knife for kids and Daikichi teaches her how to use it. I actually never knew a knife for children existed, so this was an interesting bit for me.


The art and animation remain solid, albeit a few very minor things, such as Daikichi’s chin being a little too large. Minor inconsistencies that only losers like me would notice, so don’t worry about it.


Usagi Drop continues to be an excellent adaptation of the manga. With it’s wonderful, unique story, great cast of characters and innate ability to awaken the parent in all of us,  many are already calling it the best of this season’s anime, and as long as Production I.G’s effort remains consistent throughout, I have a good feeling that it may become just that. Another episode very well done. I can’t wait for the next one. Please come back next week for my impression for episode 6 of Usagi Drop!


And now, here are a few screenshot comparisons to the manga. Enjoy!

















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