Usagi Drop Episode 4 Impressions (With Pictures!)

Hello there, Comrades! Welcome back for another one of my impressions of the anime adaptation of Usagi Drop. We’re already on episode 4 of this 11 episode half season, and things have moved along nicely. But does this episode once again maintain the quality of the manga? Read on to find out!

(Note: Very mild spoilers ahead. Will not take away from your enjoyment of the episode or the manga. This is all my opinion.)

Covered in this episode are chapters 5, 8, 9 and 10. I’ve said before that the anime has skipped around various chapters, changing the order of events. Normally, this results in a jumbled story in comparison to the source material. If you can’t tell by now, authenticity to source material is big for me. Thankfully, Production I.G has done an excellent job in creating a flowing story despite the rearranging. If you’ve read my previous entries, the characters that were supposed to be introduced earlier get introduced here.



The first is Kouki. Without giving too much away, he’s boy whom Rin befriends at Nursery school. Once again, great attention to detail in his appearance, right down to his hat string being stretched out.



The second is Kouki’s mother. Daikichi often runs into her when going to pick up Rin from the Nursery. Her appearance is extremely pleasing to the eye, and her personality has carried over wonderfully. In short, she is absolutely gorgeous. Seriously, look at her. She’s beautiful.



Had the same reaction when she first appeared.



The pacing has been fairly consistent throughout the episodes, each covering around 4-5 chapters worth of story. I’ve said it’s bugged me as to how much will really be covered, but now it scares me even more. I’m estimating that at the current pace, the anime will end with about 20 or so chapters left to cover. Either Production I.G plans to end the anime at a certain point with a conclusive, yet open ending, or they will leave it at an uncomfortable cliffhanger with another season to cover the rest.



I personally do not think Production I.G will cover the entire manga series in the 11 episodes. It may have been possible earlier, but at the current pace, I now believe they can not without some major shortcuts that would effectively ruin the series. I’m personally hoping for a second season, but that’s just me.



Moving back to the task at hand, the addition of Kouki and his mother are a welcome addition. The story gets some added life to the already gentle atmosphere. Daikichi’s nervousness around Kouki’s mother (Her name is not revealed at this point and time) is entertaining to see, as we know that he has not had much experience around women. Especially one as pretty as Kouki’s mother. Speaking of story, the anime remains ever faithful to the source material, sometime panel for panel.



The story now touches upon the fact that Daikichi is becoming more and more like a real parent to Rin, having to deal with all of the things a parent is responsible for, such as enrolling for school. We know that Daikichi just took Rin in because the rest of his family had effectively shunned her, but he himself states that he has changed drastically since then, and Rin has become a central and extremely important part of his life.



In addition, the anime and manga evoke feelings one would have as a parent. Even those of us without children will feel a sense of paternal or maternal bond towards Rin, and actually care for her as if she were our own. This was another thing that hooked me onto this manga in the first place, and has not been replicated for me sinceClannad ~After Story~. It’s a feeling that I can’t do justice with words, you’d need to feel it for yourself to understand.



Speaking of that little girl, Rin is as cute as ever. Her actions, voice, and looks are so sugary sweet and cute that you’d probably die from sensory diabetes. Translation = So. Damn. Cute. HNNNNGGGGG.



The art and animation still retains that clean and colorful feel. I’ve already said before that the character designs are gorgeous (Kouki’s mother), and scenes from the manga are faithfully recreated (more one that in the comparison section).



Something I’ve noticed earlier but failed to mention is that the ending has different artwork depicting Rin for each episode (Seen above). It’s most of the time a panel from the manga in watercolors. Really nice looking.



Remember to watch all the way to after the credits, as there is always more to watch afterwards.



To conclude things, it’s another episode well done. The anime has continued to follow the manga closely, and the art and character designs remain spot on The only thing I have and have had a problem with in the anime adaptation of Usagi Drop is the pacing and how much will be covered. I do hope that will be the only thing that will be an issue to me for this entire series. If you haven’t watch this episode yet, or even the series and you have interest in it, you are doing yourself a great disservice. Please watch it; If you’re anything like me, you won’t be disappointed. Come back next week for Episode 5!

As always, here’s some screen comparisons to the manga. Enjoy!




























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