Usagi Drop Episode 3 Impressions + Screen Comparisons

The 3rd episode Usagi Drop‘s anime adaptation has aired, and it’s time once again to give you a short analysis of the episode, how it measures up with the manga, and my overall thoughts. Is it once again a job well done? Or does it fall short? Let’s get started, shall we?

(Note: Beware of light spoilers. Nothing too critical, though.)

Episode 3 covers chapter 4-7 of the manga, but not in a linear fashion. The plot jumps around to various points from the chapters, but does it in such a way that it feels natural. It still feels like Usagi Drop, just a different order to it.



While I did say before that some plot elements involving Daikichi’s work had been cut out or re-arranged to focus more on his relationship with Rin, some of it comes back in this episode. We see Daikichi deal with having to make an important decision at work in order to give Rin the attention she need and deserves. It goes to show how important Rin is to him, and the sacrifices he’s willing to make for her. Couple that with his already interesting personality and you’ve got the makings of a very realistic character.



Touching on the story once more, the pacing has been steadily increasing as episodes have gone on. This draws concern from me, as there is a possibility that the anime will skip over some things and not do the manga justice. In this episode alone a few plot elements were not mentioned, and the meeting of two very important characters has been skipped over.



While I have no doubt that the meeting will occur within the next episode or so, it makes me question where the anime will end, and if it will end being a rushed ending. I feel that this anime should have been a full season in order for the full story to be told, not just a 12 episode half-season. Once again, it’s far too early to make judgements, but the fear of the above happening is starting to become more and more of a reality. Luckily, the dialogue has been very true to the manga, sometimes even being verbatim.



The interactions between Daikichi and Rin are still the focal point. The anime continues to do an admirable job at capturing the closeness of their relationship and Rin’s dependence on Daikichi. This episode shows how vulnerable Rin is and how much she really needs him, particularly the bed wetting scene. It’s a heartwarming scene that truly shows how close they’ve become in the short time since Daikichi has taken her in.



Rin is still as cute as ever. She still retains all of her personality from the Manga, which makes me very happy. She won me over in the manga, she’s winning me over now. What else is there to say?



On a side note, I finally realized why Production I.G decided to have the art resemble that of watercolors during the opening scenes of the episode: The beginning of a chapter in the manga always displayed this type of style, so they brought that over as well. Great touch.



Episode 3 was a great episode in showing how strong the relationship between Daikichi and Rin has become, as well as showing Daikichi’s dedication to her and Rin’s fear of being without Daikichi. I’m concerned about the pacing the anime is going at, but right now everything is smooth sailing. If Production I.G keeps this up, Usagi Drop may make it onto my top anime list.

In keeping with tradition, here are some comparison screens to the anime and manga version, respectively. I hope you come back again next week when I share with you my impression of Usagi Drop episode 4! In addition, I have my final thoughts on the Usagi Drop Manga here. However, there are spoilers, so read at your own risk.































































Seeing this panel without the rest of them makes it pretty funny.








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