Usagi Drop Episode 2 Impressions + Screen Comparisons

It’s here! Episode 2 of Usagi Drop released a few days ago, and I’m back to give my take on it. Did Production I.G continue the quality they displayed in the first episode? Let’s find out, shall we?

(WARNING: Screens pertaining to the episode and chapters from the manga will be present. If you have not seen the episode or read the manga and do not wish to come across very light spoilers, do not read any further.)



Once again, the anime follows the manga quite closely. The anime covers chapter 2, parts of chapter 3 and the beginning of chapter 4.  The majority of scenes shown are very close or even verbatim of the manga (more on that later), which I am very happy about. Even some of the dialogue is line-for-line.



However, there are some elements and scenes that have been altered, even omitted altogether. For example, some elements involving Daikichi’s workplace have been completely skipped over, and some parts of the story are shown earlier or later in the episode as opposed to the manga’s placement of the scene.



The omitting of certain plot elements is questionable, but for the most part I feel that it was necessary to leave out things that did not pertain to the overall relationship between Daikichi and Rin in order to keep the overall flow and pace, as there is quite a bit to cover in only 11 episodes. The same goes for the rearranging of scenes. Questionable, but I’m willing to give Production I.G the benefit of the doubt. The pacing has sped up a little bit, so only time will tell how much will be covered in this half-season anime.



Since scenes were taken out, new scenes that weren’t shown in the manga (at least at the time of the chapter) are shown. One could call these scenes fillers, but I see them as strengthening the bond between Daikichi and his newly adopted “daughter.” They’re pretty cute.



The art is still maintaining the quality that was displayed in the first episode. It’s bright, colorful and nice to look at. The locations and scenes remain intact, as well.



The character designs stay true to the manga. The character’s frame, expressions, and overall feel are transferred beautifully. Keep it up, guys.



The show-stealer is Rin. She’s adorable as ever and faithful to her manga counterpart. Her actions, quirks, and even that smile has transferred over.



This isn’t a major deal, but I’ve noticed that most animation that is shown before the opening are drawn in a watercolor-like style, and switches to a more conventional style afterwards. I like it, but it’s a different approach.



Sound is still excellent. Daikichi’s voice is still as I imagined it in the manga, and hits the right notes when he is flustered, serious, or kind.



As I have mentioned before, Rin’s seiyu is 9-years old. A great choice to fit her character, and she does an admirable job. Oh, and the music’s nice, too.



To concludes, Episode 2 of Usagi Drop retains the look and feel crafted by the manga. Some scenes were, in my opinion, omitted in order to keep the relationship of the two main characters flowing, which was a good choice. The amount covered in the anime is speeding up, so I do hope the quality will be maintained without sacrificing too much. Come back next week for my thoughts on Episode 3 of Usagi Drop!

And as usual, here are some anime/manga comparison screenshots for your enjoyment!















The shirt is even the same. Very nice attention to detail.



























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