Usagi Drop Episode 1: First Impression

Usagi Drop is one of my favorite Manga. It struck a cord that no other Manga up to this point has before. So when I heard there was an Anime, I was skeptical. Could Production I.G turn one of my all-time favorite series into an Anime and do it justice? It’s literally been minutes since I’ve watched the first episode (as of the time I am writing this), so if you’d like to hear my take, read on. This is my first impression of Usagi Drop Episode 1.

(WARNING: Very slight spoilers will be dropped as necessary to explain things. Nothing major, though. In addition, I will not be following my normal formatting exactly, as this is not a full review, just an impression. )

To my surprise, the script followed the Manga very, very closely. What was covered in the Anime was the first chapter and around 3 or 4 pages of the second chapter in the manga, so there was plenty of time to tell the story accurately without making too many cuts or sacrifices.



However, at the same, this is bad. The anime is only set at 11 episodes, and at the pace of covering a chapter per episode, it will not get to the rest of the manga. Those of you who have read the manga will know what I am getting at. It’s still only the first episode, so it’s far too early to be jumping to conclusions, so I’ll give it a chance and wait.



Right from the start, we notice some very small differences. In the manga, it begins with Daikichi arriving at his mother’s house. In the anime, it begins with Daikichi in his own home waking up and getting ready to go to his mother’s house. Not a big deal, but this decision leads me to believe that it ended up like this because the writers wanted to have a smoother transition to his arriving at his mother’s house. There are some other differences, but I’ll keep them to myself for those of you who have not watched this episode yet.



Rin’s first time on screen. She look great and very faithful to her manga counterpart.



Let’s talk about Rin for a little bit. It was my understanding that the director for the anime adaptation wanted the character’s personalities to carry over perfectly. In the case of Rin, it was pulled off with great success. Her seiyu is also a 9-year old girl! Now that is attention to detail.



Rin’s mannerisms and quirks are incredibly accurate to the manga, right down to her facial expressions and shyness. In short, she is adorable.



The rest of the characters have been brought over quite accurately as well. Daikichi’s family is spot on, as well as Daikichi himself. He demeanor and actions are exactly how I pictured he would act, as well as how his voice sounds.



Speaking of sound, the opening and ending are very well done and fit the show.

Overall, the story was very faithful to the source material (so far), and the art was, in my opinion, shockingly accurate. It was done in a very pretty watercolor-like style and was bright and vibrant. There really isn’t much more to say that the first episode was well done and I hope that this sort of quality and accuracy will be present throughout the series. Of course, I plan to have an in-depth review ready for when the anime ends so you can fully read about what I think. I apologize that this is so brief, but do look forward to my impression on Usagi Drop every week as the episodes come out.

To end it, here are some screenshots comparing some scenes from the anime and manga. Enjoy!





Absolutely perfect.





Another well done scene.







Spot on in this one.









Okay, this was amazingly accurate.




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