K-On! Figma #058 Akiyama Mio

I’ve been swamped lately, what with school getting very intense and all that fun stuff. I found some time today, so I can finally share my Un-boxing of Houkago Tea Time’s Left-Handed, Scaredy-cat Bassist Akiyama Mio from the very popular Moe/Slice-of-Life/Music Anime, K-On! (As always, excuse my picture quality).

As seen above, Mio’s box is decorated to a high school classroom theme, her name and all of the other usual information in view from the front. Sticker of Authenticity = Check.

The right side of the box has her posing with her Bass (more on that later).

The Back of the box with all of the usual information and myriad of pictures displaying possible poses.


The left side of the box has the figma logo on it. Not much else to say about it.

Ritsu, being the nice girl she is, decides to help me show the top of the box.

Inside the flap we see instructions on how to attach the Bass strap to the adjuster piece (not sure on the correct term) and how to exchange faces.


The accessories, as always, are laid out very neatly, and the backing inside the box has a punch-out that use can use with your di:stage. Ritsu has decided to take a break.


Unnecessary photo, but I thought it was funny.

Here we have instructions on how to attach the Bass strap to the Bass itself and instructions on attaching the holding strap to the Bass case.


The straps are located behind the instructions.

The usual accessories consisting of the figma base, jointed stand, bag, rack of hands, and the Bass strap adjuster, which is unique to Mio and I believe the rest of the String instrument playing members. In addition, Good Smile has included an accessory (It’s pictured under the base. It’s hard to see, I apologize) that allows for the stand to collect behind Mio’s hair, in order to avoid having to put a peg hole on her hair. A great move, in my opinion.


Mio’s unique accessories are her Left-handed Fender Jazz Bass in a 3-colored Sunburst scheme, her Bass case, Uwabaki (school shoes) and two exchangeable faces, one in a moe embarrassed look, and one of further embarrassment. One thing to note, however, is the Bass accessory does not have her Tortoise Shell Pick guard.  It’s not a big deal but it does draw away from the authenticity of the overall figure. The Bass does not have strings, either.

For those wondering, the case does accomodate the Bass fully.

Mio standing for the first time. She is very nicely detailed.

The stand plugs in behind her hair, like so. It was a little difficult for me, but it does look good.

Ritsu has recovered, and poses with her childhood friend. Mio is quite embarrassed.

Mio is ready to practice for the next School Festival. Wait.. T-T

And, for those of you who don’t already know, to answer your possible burning question:

She does have Shimapan. Good Smile has done well in this aspect of authenticity.


The two members of Hokago Tea Time that I own (so far). I am impressed with Figma Akiyama Mio. She is nicely detailed, faithful to the animated depiction, and looks great posing with her Bass. Plus, I identify most with Mio, as I too am quite shy and I am a fellow Lefty. One small flaw is her Bass, as it does not have the Pickup, but that’s just nitpicking. All that is left is to acquire the rest of the band. Azusa is next, so please look forward to that.




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