K-ON!! Episode 24 Afterthoughts (Spoiler Free)

We all knew it was going to come, but it’s finally here. K-ON! has ended. I won’t be posting any pictures for the sake of keeping this spoiler-free, so this is going to be just text. I’ll keep it short, as well.

When I watched the first episode of the first season, it instantly reminded me of Lucky Star. A show with cute girls going to high school following their everyday lives. Of course, the difference being this was centered around the Light Music Club. By the time we reach episode 24 of the second season, the final episode of the main storyline (the last two episodes are side-stories), I’ve become a die hard fan. The show isn’t innovative in anyway, nor does it have an intricate story. What it does have, is appeal, and the fact that after getting to know the character, you become attached to them. It’s just a cute story with cute characters. Entertainment at it’s purest, and I love it to bits.

The final episode was a lot of things. It was sad, happy, somber, funny, beautiful, heartfelt, heartwarming and bittersweet. I would be lying if I said I was not holding back some tears, and I am man enough to say I was genuinely touched, especially the song at the end, that killed me, it was so appropriate and sweet. Gah, just playing the song in my head is making me sad. However, I would have liked to see the episode be an hour long, so that more things could have been fleshed out. It was still excellent, though.

K-ON!! has an important message, and that is Friendship is a gift, something that you must treasure and protect. It is a precious thing that, if given the opportunity to grow, can become an extremely powerful bond that can never be broken, even if you must part ways. K-ON!! teaches you that through something so simple as music, everlasting bonds can be made, and those bonds will be carried forever, should you desire it.

K-ON!! was an excellent Slice-Of-Life/Comedy/Moe Anime that I doubt I will ever forget. It has made it on my list of Top Anime, and I do hope we see a spin-off show. All that is left are the two side story episodes. I will possibly do a review of the series after the side story episodes have aired. Fans of K-ON!, watch this episode.

Thank you, Houkago Tea Time. It was an absolute pleasure.


2 responses to “K-ON!! Episode 24 Afterthoughts (Spoiler Free)

  1. You know i just stumbled on your blog and wanted to leave some thoughts.

    1. K-on!! is probably the best anime I have ever seen. I was there on Episode 1 Season 1 and am still here. Episode 24 was absolutely incredible. I cried like a baby and im a man. Ill proudly admit that. K-on!! Stands for friendship and holding on to what is important.

    Anyway, just thought id comment, i could go on for EVER.

    K-on!! will be greatly missed.

    • I could not agree more with you. Episode 24 had so much emotion in it, especially since we all knew that, from the beginning, graduation was inevitable, and Episode 20 made it crystal clear. Definitely one of my favorite Anime. It’s sad to see it go, but I’m hoping for a spin-off of either what happens to Azusa after they leave or when the girls are in college.

      And thank you for your comment ^^

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