GSC Nendoroid 104: Nakano Azusa

Just in time for the finale of K-ON!! (Can’t wait for the two side story episodes, will do an after-thought once I recollect myself), Nendoroid Azusa shows up at my doorstep. With this, I’ve that much more to go in terms of completing sets. I was originally going to finish the Figma line first, but little Azunyan was too cute to pass up. Excuse my crappy pictures.

A close-up of the printing of the name. Note the TBS sticker of authenticity. However, keep in mind bootleggers do duplicate the stick sometimes, so if you need to check a figure for authenticity, you can use my pictures as a reference.

The bottom of the box. Normally, I wouldn’t take a picture of the bottom but the picture of the figure amused me.

The right side (or left, depending on your perspective) of the box.

The back of the box, and the normal collage of pictures. Nyaa~ (I had to say it.)

The left/right side of the box.

And finally, the top of the box.

Good Smile never fails in terms of clean packaging.

Azusa’s stand, which is shaped like a pair of Neko-mimi (Cat Ears), no doubt catering to what Azusa is famous for. Note the Copyright.

The stand when set up. The stand mainly uses the skirt to hold up the figure. It’s a little bit of a hassle to stand her, but nothing major (At least in my opinion).

All of Azusa’s accessories and faces laid out. Included are:

– Two faces

– Two pairs of exchangeable hands

-One exchangeable leg

– Her Fender Mustang Guitar and strap

– An Amplifier

– A pair of Neko-mimi

– A small black cat

Her two faces are extremely cute, particularly her face that she uses when the girls got her to meow.

Our main event, Azusa.  Absolutely adorable.

Her Twintails are articulated, as expected.

Azusa without her  Twintails.  Still adorable.

Azusa with her famous Neko-mimi, a much needed accessory.

Changed her face for her most well-known face. Nyaaaa~

The cat surprised Azusa.

Azusa with her Fender ready to play a set.

Nendoroid Azusa is adorable, and a must for any fan of K-ON! or Nendoroids. The interchagable parts gives these figures endless possibilities of play. One complaint I do have is that the Nendoroid stands are a bit difficult to work with, and it can be a hassle to stand the figures at times. Overall, I am happy with my purchase. An afterthought on the Finale of K-ON!! will follow this post.


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