SP-012 Figma Black Rock Shooter

After a long wait, it’s finally here! I present to you, Figma Black Rock Shooter. For the one of you who actually looks at my blog, I did not post this on Figure.fm because it is saturated with BRS posts. Please excuse my crappy picture quality.

Her box is quite large. In comparison, it is the same size as Figma Ritsu’s box. The colors match BRS and has a checkerboard pattern. Also, we see that there is a sticker indicating that there is a DVD of the Black Rock Shooter OVA. Do note the etching of BRS’s name, as it is done in a similar fashion to the snowflakes that were present on Nendoroid Snow Miku’s box (Review can be found here). Once again this would be a good indicator to check for a bootleg.

The side of the box with a nice picture of BRS in a flashy pose. Once again note the name.

The back of the box with the obligatory numerous poses you can have BRS in.

The BRS Figma introduces a new box type, which is a tab slide type (not too sure what you call it officially). My guess is this is to prevent damage to the box when opening it, as there are people who like to collect boxes. I am no different.

Like so. The tab slides back in for easy storage.

Information on the inside flap giving instruction on how to change faces/hairpiece.

Inside the box behind the figure we have the a paper sleeve containing the DVD to the Black Rock Shooter OVA.

The back (or the front depending on your preference), has the Figma logo.

The DVD itself has a printing with the BRS Figma. To my knowledge, the DVD that comes with the Nendoroid has a Nendoroid print. The DVD is Region-Free and is subtitled in several languages, including English.

As expected, the figure and accessories are laid out neatly.

Information on how to attach BRS’s gun. Quick note: It’s not that easy, took me forever.

Some accessories included are the usual hand rack, as well as TWO Figma bases and arms.

Also included are two black chains for aesthetics and a claw to hold up BRS’s gun.

The BRS gun is nicely detailed but it is made of plastic, mostly like to due to production costs and so posing is not hindered by weight.

We also have a hairpiece with BRS’s signature blue flame, two exchangeable faces, hands and her sword.

BRS is beautifully detailed, with shiny plastic accenting her boots, cape, and top. She is a bit petit, though.

The back of her coat is articulated, which is useful for action poses.

As with most Figmas with Twintails, hers are posable, too.

Exchanged her hairpeice for the one with her famous blue flame. It’s quite spectacular.

After about 15 minutes of fiddling, I managed to pose her with her gun. It’s very cool.

BRS’s place on my desk, doing battle with Figma Nagato Yuki Witch version. Don’t ask me how she got her sword.

Black Rock Shooter is a great figure and a wonderful addition to my collection. I recommend getting her, even if for purely aesthetic reasons and you did not watch the OVA. She is great for action poses and will look great doing battle with the rest of your figures.


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