Current Song Obsession: Satoshi Hino – “Boku no Wasuremono (Something I forgot)”

Okay, so it really isn’t an obsession per say, I’ve just been listening to it quite a bit and I couldn’t think of a better title.

I couldn’t find the full version T-T

This a song and one of the many ending from the extremely cute Anime (Seriously, if you watch it or have watched it, you’ll understand) “Hanamaru Kindergarten”.  It is sung by Satoshi Hino, the seiyu who voices Tsuchida-Sensei, our main character.

From what I can gather, the song is about a man riding his bike along a river who is trying to find something he has lost from his youth. What that is, it is not explicitly explained. Its possible it is a precious memory, or even an actual material possession. It’s quite a somber, mellow song, and has some nice vocals. Images of a slow pace or a leisurely bike ride immediately come to my mind, which I liked since the song is about that. Overall, a really nice song with a simple message.


Kawa no hotori wo jitensha de todokeru

(I ride my bicycle along the river)

Ano ko no otoshimono

(To deliver what that child left behind.)

Saka no tochuu de furimuki ki ga tsuita

(On my way over the hill, I turned around and noticed)

Jibun ga wasureta mono

(The thing that I had forgotten)

Zuibun tooku made hashitte ita hazu

(I was supposed to run so far into the distance)

Taishita koto nai  motto ganbarou

(It’s not really a big deal; I’ll just try harder)


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