Snow Miku Get!

After seeing pictures of Good Smile Company’s Nendoroid Snow Miku that was unveiled at the 2010 winter WonFes, and hearing that she would be a limited release, I was lucky enough to make it just in time before the pre-orders closed. Now, several months later, the wait is over. (I apologize for the picture quality and camerawork. I REALLY need a new camera.) I got her from Toylet Collectables.

Tako Luka has come across the package.

She quickly calls over Luka.

Drossel arrives to lend a hand.

Packing peanuts won.

Luka seems alright.

Drossel and Luka come across the box.

The box was undamaged, and appears to be authentic. I have seen many cases where people have received bootlegs.

Nendoroid No. 97, Yuki Miku. One good indication that the figure is a fake is to check the snowflakes on the front of the box. If they are detailed and have texture, it’s the real deal.

The side of the box, displaying a pose you can have her in.

Various pictures on the back.

A small graphic of Miku on the flap of the box. I could not get a good picture of it up close as my camera is not too good with close-ups.

Miku and the accessories are neatly packaged, as to be expected from Good Smile Company.

Instructions tell you how to exchange the hairpiece or face.

The stand. To my knowledge, every stand that comes with a Nendoroid is different in order to accommodate the unique shape of each figure.

Aside from the figure, you get two exchangeable faces, an exchangeable hairpiece,  a right arm to have Miku put her hand on her chest, a left leg bent for posing, an ice-themed Negi, and an exchangeable hand to hold aforementioned Negi. Pretty scarce on the accessories, in my opinion.

Snow Miku being displayed for the first time.

As with most Nendoroid with Twin Tails, they can be posed.

..And are removable. The snowflakes that decorate the Twin Tails are very well detailed. Sorry about the blurriness.

I think she’s actually quite cute without the Twin Tails.

Swapped faces. Very cute.

Miku holding her trademark Negi (With Drossel getting in the shot).

Problem solved.

Miku seems to have wanted to try on Drossel’s “Armor”.

Miku’s place on my desk.

Overall, I am happy with my Snow Miku. She is beautifully detailed, good paint job (at least in my opinion), poses well and is very cute. However, I would have liked to see more accessories included. If you happen to come across one and are a fan of Vocaloid, Miku, or Nendoroids in general, I would recommend picking her up.


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